Before I start fresh

This is long overdue. I promised you 30 days, and 30 days you will get. Before I give you my suggestions for self-care and move on with what it means to "do all the things", let me debrief on the remainder of my self-care challenge. Day 18 - Do a fun exercise Muay Thai has... Continue Reading →

Day 16, 17, & something you may not know…

Day 16: Donate your time or belongings I know, I know it's been a long time coming. Rest assured, I've been engaging in self-care—just not writing about it on this blog. I should stop referring to these things as "days". They're more like "items"...So, item #16! Donate your time and belongings! If you know me,... Continue Reading →

Day 12, 13, and then some

It's been a while since I updated you all on my progress. I've technically completed Days 12 and 13 of my 30 Days of Self-Care challenge, but I've done so much more. Here's what I mean by that. Day 12 says to seek medical or professional advice. So, I took some time to schedule a... Continue Reading →

Day 11 – Color or draw

Thank goodness we live in an age where adult coloring books are a thing. A couple years ago I got my hands on one of these little beauties (as seen in the image below). So when I read that Day 11 of my 30 days of self-care challenge said "color or draw", I knew exactly... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – Eat something healthy

It's Day 7 which means, "Eat something healthy". Despite my packed schedule, eating healthy isn't a difficult thing for me to do. So to eat one healthy thing for the day really wasn't a challenge. What I chose to do instead was to eat healthy for the entire day. No diet, fad, or crazy restrictions.... Continue Reading →

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